Defective Citizen Eco Drive World Time GMT

Repairing an bead blasting the Eco Drive World Timer GMT. Open the watch is a little bit tricky but possible.


The Watch before opening. The problem is that the hands are moving at daylight but not without light. I got the watch without any bracelet.

IMG_20150630_193557 (Large)


After opening the watch. It´s tricky to get the sapphire out. To solve the problem i ordered a new rechargeable battery (type MT920-special).

IMG_20150630_194302 (Large)


The case are not in the best condition so i decided to slightly bead blast the case, the chapter ring and the crown.

IMG-20150701-WA0027 (Large)


I am still waiting for the MT920 battery but here is small preview

IMG_20150701_204803 (Large)


Feel free to contact me for details.

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